The world is changing.
You should too.

The global insurance industry is evolving, innovating and embracing digitisation to reach out to more customers and serve them better.

As a marketing leader, you want to design and distribute innovative products your customers love, but you are limited by legacy IT systems and rigid backend processes. As an operations leader, you are already constrained by limited resources, and seemingly never-ending claims submissions.

Every new product launch creates more paperwork and workload for your distribution channels and backend support. Faced with these challenges, how do you keep up with the pace of innovation?

Leverage the right technology for your Innovation

Artificial intelligence is changing our society and the way we live and work. Driverless cars, robots, facial recognition software and healthcare technologies etc are leveraging artificial intelligence to be smarter, easier to use, and scale much faster.

A new wave of innovation around Blockchain technology is also taking over the world. With its secured, auditable and transparent network, insurers are using Blockchain for immutable policy agreements, smart contracts that execute on pre-defined events, and elimination of duplicate and fraudulent claims.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain creates a powerful and user-friendly experience that will quicken new product innovation, improves operations efficiency and increases risk management effectiveness.

The right product at the right time. Everytime.

SURETY.AI allows insurers and financial advisors to connect effectively with customers on a fully digitised platform. We use Artificial Intelligence to provide a seamless distribution channel (via chatbot, social, mobile, web etc), responsive customer service, frictionless claim processing and advanced fraud detection. Your data is stored on the Blockchain, enterprise cloud or your servers to ensure maximum security and privacy.

Our “Drag and Drop” user interface allows you to create new products in minutes. You can now offer coverages for customers on the go, right when they need it. SURETY.AI chatbot recommends relevant products to your customers based on consumer behaviour and real-time events, allowing you to up-sell and cross-sell coverages automatically. SURETY.AI’s Blockchain technology helps to validate claims and detect frauds so that you can run your business with an ease of mind.

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