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Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction with smart claims management

Claims are submitted digitally through your mobile app and website, or through messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger. Claims Management bot guides your customers through the claims process from identification of eligible claims types to claims submission.

Claims Management

Using natural language understanding and visual analytics, claims are processed within a faction of the current duration, cutting your operational costs and improving customer satisfaction.

A backend dashboard provides your claims department with summary statistics, claims review and process workflow capabilities.

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Deliver individualized protection your customers can trust


Reduce fraudulent claims through proactive detection


About Hearti Lab

Hearti Lab Pte Ltd [201436684D] was born out of the realization that there was a void in the corporate and personal insurance sector: the lack of a low-cost, full-featured A.I. platform for insurance management.

AI & Blockchain

Hearti allows insurance companies to connect effectively with their customers by offering micro-insurances, on-demand and at affordable prices, to Asia’s fast growing economies.

We use Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to provide a seamless distribution channel, responsive customer service, frictionless claim processing and advanced fraud detection using Blockchain.