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Business support software for almost every HR function… from payroll, annual and medical leave administration to out-of-pocket claims. It’s a great tool for disseminating news or information to the staff thus saving you countless man-hours and the hassle of cumbersome paperwork or manual processing.


That’s not all as the data also allows for smarter planning which can serve as the building blocks for your company’s future. With the data, it’s analysis with confidence as a real-time dashboard which can also provide insights for future proofing with business analytics (from benefits budgeting, medical expenditure to medical/out-of-pocket claims) which means no grey areas or guessing games.


Perks That You’ll Never Miss.


Wellness is big on our mind! Hearti ShoppE – an e-wellness shop aim at improving the wellness quotient of your staff, offers everything you need for a healthier, fitter and more rewarding lifestyle 24/7.


Hearti actively encourages this by providing a wide range of products and services specially created to improve one’s health and wellness.


Shop with your fingertips at the Hearti ShoppE wherever you are and enjoy great discounts and perks! There is also a top up facility if there are insufficient wellness dollars to complete a purchase.


Protection For Your Employees


We have a team of consultants who can advise you on the most appropriate insurance coverage for you and your staff. Whether it’s for a new policy or to complement the existing coverage, we are only a click or a tap away to offer you that free advice.


In addition, with the insurance purchased, your staff will get wellness dollars as our rewards incentive to shop at the Hearti ShoppE for a wide range of health, fitness, beauty and other lifestyle products specially curated for a happier and healthier life. This is Hearti insurance with a difference.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure.


Wellness program has become significant in every responsible company as more employers realize that staff who are happier and healthier form a formidable social capital which in turn leads to a more profitable company performance. The products and services at Hearti ShoppE are specifically curated to improve your staff’s health and wellness.


Our medical concierge is available online for free symptomatic advise and a comprehensive doctor (GPs) listing should your employees require any treatment.


Prescriptive Approach To Wellness.


Medical cost for any company can be hefty but it is necessary for any responsible employer to provide this basic staff benefit. Depending on the medical package purchased, your staff will have access to any of the GPs on our list of medical consultants and further treatment expenses can also be covered.

You will be assured of the adequate level of medical care your staff will have and with a budget that is managed by you. In other words, it is better health care at a lower and manageable cost.

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