Digitalize Your
Insurance Business

SURETY.AI allows insurers and financial advisors to connect effectively with customers on a fully digitised platform.


Deliver individualized
protection your customers
can trust

You can now dream up innovative and useful insurance coverages, and market these products within days, instead of months.

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Increase efficiency &
customer satisfaction
with smart claims management

Claims are submitted digitally through your mobile app and website, or through messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger.

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Reduce fraudulent claims
through proactive detection

SURETY.AI uses a hybrid fraud detection approach that combines clustering and graph-based models with both internal and external data to help detect anomalous claims.

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Underlining Technologies

02 August 2018 Keith Lim

Using A.I & Blockchain to Revolutionize Insurance


Sep 4, 2018 Pakorn Thienthong

Micro Insurance, ‘Insurance made for people'


Apr 29, 2018 Keith Lim

Sompo Insurance and Hearti launches the first General Insurance Chatbot in Singapore


Jun 10, 2018 Keith Lim

Thailand’s The Nation newspaper reports on Hearti’s expansion into market with micro-insurance


The world is talking about us

“Workers at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that count on technology company Hearti Lab's human resource mobile application can use an in-app chatbot to access travel insurance plans, Sompo Insurance Singapore said. “

The Straits Times , Annabeth Leow

“Serene, powered by IBM Watson, provides Hearti App users 24/7 support for matters pertaining to Sompo’s TravelJoy travel insurance policy. It also provides instant replies to queries regarding travel insurance.“

Insurance Business Magazine , Gabriel Olano

“Hearti Lab provides human resource solutions to small and medium enterprises, allowing simpler management of employee benefits, payroll, leaves, and insurance claims. “

The Tech Revolutionist , Team TTR